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Welcome to Prairie Bee Outpost Camps

If you are looking for an extremely remote wilderness vacation with great fishing and without the cost of a fly-in, then Prairie Bee Outpost Camps might be just what you are looking for. Our outpost camps are located on Prairie Bee Lake, which is about an hour's drive west of Chapleau, Ontario.

The lake is known for Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, and Whitefish Fishing. Smallmouth Bass are the dominant species in the lake. Guests can expect to catch 30 - 50 Smallmouth per day depending on the weather and knowledge of the lake. There are spots where Smallmouth Bass are schooling in large numbers and then it's Smallmouth Bass after Smallmouth Bass. Trophy Smallmouth Bass over 20 inches are caught on a regular basis.

Any lake that has a high population of Whitefish produces massive size Northern Pike. Prairie Bee Lake is no exception. Even though traditionally most of our guests return year after year for the awesome Smallmouth Bass and Walleye fishing, we do have guests who target Northern Pike and are very successful. During the week most Pike hunters will pick up a Northern over 30 inches and sometimes fish that are 40 inches or larger. Northern Pike are common in the 2 to 7-pound range, which makes for a fun week of fishing.


We are listed on the Ontario Angler Awards "TOP 10 LODGES" for fishing!! Looking for a chance at landing a "TROPHY"... our fishing guests have and they received the AWARDS to prove it !!

When trolling the shorelines look for drop-offs or deeper underwater structure for schools of walleyes. You will get into the Walleye off the rocky points and drop-offs. Many of our guests run into these schools with catchable numbers of fish. When you run into these hungry schools of Walleye, it's just one Walleye after another before the evening sunset.

Hunting for Moose and Black Bear is exceptional. We offer Bull Moose tags for archery hunters as well as many baited stands in our 125 square mile Bear Management Area, which produces some of the best Black Bear Hunting in Ontario.

Quick Points

  • Cabin rental starting at $42 per night per person
  • Our 4 cabins and outpost are the only cabins on the entire lake for a remote experience
  • Clean, comfortable and quiet lake front housekeeping cabins that are fully equipped
  • All cabins have two bedrooms, hot and cold running water with full bathrooms
  • Free docking - Own dock located in front of your cabin
  • Water side plug for battery charging
  • Fish cleaning house - well lit, screened in with large corner stainless steel counter and sink
  • Clean sandy beaches for swimming and relaxing by main camp
  • We carry gas, all live bait, ice, tackle and maps
  • 5 Portage lakes equipped with boats
  • Newer quality boats from basic 14ft w/9.9hp Honda motors to our deluxe 16ft w/25hp Mercury motors with flat floors, live well, depth finder and electric start.
  • Solar Powered Electricity 24 hrs a day, alternative power sources available for medical devices and necessary items (please call for more information)
  • A slot that protects our breeders to ensure our quality fishery thrives
  • Most important ~ approximately 6,000 acre quality fishery with a variety of species of fish that includes Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, and White Fish

    Prairie Bee Outpost Camps is a boat-in camp with 4 cabins on the northeast end of the lake, and a secluded outpost cabin at the northwest arm of the lake. If you are looking for a remote location, Prairie Bee Camps operates with the only cabins on the entire lake which means there are no other individual or private cabins on the lake. Prairie Bee is under a breeder protection program to maintain and expand the number of mature breeders. This will provide the best fishing experience year after year. With the protection program, Prairie Bee Lake will continue to flourish as a quality remote fishery. In addition, we encourage fishing under conservation licenses which offers significant discounts. Catch-&-release of all mature breeders is a must. Our conservation policy does not discourage our guests from enjoying and eating fish. It is a protection from eating those larger fish that are our quality breeders. So come and enjoy a delicious fish fry while experiencing our Canadian atmosphere. Remember, lake and outfitters that practice conservation measures are lakes that offer their guests an unforgettable fishing experience.

    Thank You for viewing our website!

    We are a family of four (Bob, Sondra, Ethan and Dylan) who own and operate Prairie Bee Camps. We truly love the north and want to provide you with a memorable experience. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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